Testimonials for our Center:


“The Healing Arts Center is the absolute best place to have acupuncture and any spa treatment done.”

-Janine S. (via Facebook)

“I had such a wonderful experience with not only my acupuncturist Kim Marie but her receptionist/event coordinator. Just walking in was so comforting and inviting. I felt so wonderful after my session I immediately made my following appointment.”

-Mary Lynn S,J. (via Facebook)

“I highly recommend A Healing Arts Center – Kim-Marie is amazing. She is an expert in her field and really cares about her clients.”

-Kathy P. (via Facebook)

“I’m partial of course, but this really is the most amazing place, the atmosphere is calming and the service is personable, you don’t feel like a number here.”

Amy T.

“Kim Marie runs a quality clinic and is one of the most caring and conscientious people i have ever met. She and her staff are focused on giving quality massage, acupuncture, and related services. I highly recommend her.”

Scott L. (via Facebook)

“I can not wait until I get back into Tampa so I can come see you. I always feel so much better and energized. Looking forward to a much overdue treatment !”

Marie J. (Via Facebook)

“Kim Marie and staff was awesome. The first thing I noticed was that I emailed and got a very quick response with a very flexible schedule that made my visit happen much quicker than I expected. I had contacted 3 other spa’s through this spa finder website and none had responded – except one other that answered 2 wks later. the services I utilized at A Healing Arts was a Salt Glow wrap which was the first wrap I’ve had – and it was wonderful! I also did a face rejuvenation facial and it was an awesome. Both services were done professionally with a focus on my comfort and desired result as paramount. I enjoyed this so much that I’ve told several people and I’ve been back for acupuncture therapies. I highly recommend this spa.”

-Renee S. (SpaFinder)

“This was the best experience I’ve ever had. The massage was awesome, plus acupuncture which was great to. They even got me in calling them at the last minute,very nice people. Basically you get a great massage or whatever you want at a low price and that was a plus for me. Thank you very much A Healing Arts see you soon”

-Shannon M. (SpaFinder)

“I have been very successful in my weight loss for the first time in 4 years because of this program. I love the fact that it is a natural weight loss program as a posed to the doctors offices and medi spas that give you pills to take, that make you feel horribly sick.

I am not sensitive to meds at all however when I visited a “weight loss doctor” a few years back, he handed me a weeks supply of appetite suppressants and gave me a b-12 shot, advised me to follow a popular diet and sent me on my way. Well I tried it for exactly 30 days when I finally had enough. I lost nearly 30 pounds in 30 days and any real doctor will tell you that this just isn’t healthy. Needless to say that as soon as I stopped taking the appetite suppressants I started to put the weight back on because those programs aren’t made for permanent weight loss. With the program from A Healing Arts Center, I lost 10 pounds in the first month, 6 more pounds through the holidays and I’ve managed to keep it off, and by the way I did this without craving sugar and with out dieting or exercise. I love the laser therapy because it NOT ONLY relaxes you but it also offers many other benefits like appetite control and increased circulation just to name a few, both of which are very important in the weight loss process. Kim-marie’s knowledge of supplements is AMAZING. You give her some information and she figures out what supplements are best for you, so this program is customized to fit you based on your needs. I never realized how important it is to take supplements until I tried this program and now I’m sold for life. The coconut oil is very beneficial as well and it’s a good FAT that we all need. It’s helped me with staying regular which is another key aspect to loosing weight and keeping it off.

None of those other places customizes anything for you accept to give you stronger appetite suppressants….those AREN’T HEALTHY for anyone, they are really bad for your body. So if you want to loose weight the natural way and keep it off I recommend you go and see the ladies at A Healing Arts Center!!!”

-Christina A. (SpaFinder)

“I got a Swedish massage on Saturday, 2/27. Went in with severe pain on my back on the left side and came out free of pain. Want to book my next apt.”

-Anna H. (SpaFinder)

“I called on Thursday and was able to get an appt the very next Monday. The swedish massage was the best I’ve ever had! The aroma therapy facial was the perfect end to my experience there. I have tried a few other spas in Tampa and haven’t found the one for me – until now. I will definitely be back with my husband and some friends who deserve the same experience I had. A+++++”

-Nicole G. (SpaFinder)

“I enjoyed my treatment and felt relaxed afterward. If you ever book an appointment I suggest the Salt Aroma Glow, you’ll be glad you did.”

-Kelli S. (SpaFinder)

“The massage and acupuncture was great. The atmosphere was very calming and relaxing. The prices are very reasonable. I would definitely go back.”

-MM (SpaFinder)

“Very reasonable, very therapeutic, knowledgeable – excellent spa..”

-Renee S.

“I’ve been going here for a few years and it’s always so relaxing. I walk in and am instantly feeling calmer because of the ambiance. (Love the music.)

The massage is always great. Kim Marie can find the pain spots without me having to tell her where they are and she uses various techniques that I haven’t experienced elsewhere (acupressure, cupping, etc.). Overall, a wonderful experience.”

-Alisa C. (SpaFinder)

“It was my first time getting a massage, and it was amazing! She really did know what she was doing, and educated me about my body.She’s also very nice. Would definitely go back again.”

-Shelleta L. (SpaFinder)

“I feel that I would be doing a great injustice to this spa, if I didn’t write a review. I have had massages in the past, but I have to say that nothing compares by far to the massage that I had at The Healing Arts. The atmosphere here is so calming, welcoming and friendly. The staff is knowledgeable, warm and caring. I was so tense when arriving at the spa, but by the time I left all my stress and tension had melted away. Kim Marie gave me the best massage that I have ever had. How often can you say that you were given a massage by the owner of the business? This in it’s self says a lot about this business. I will always make this a part of my future wellness plan. What a great place!!!!!”

-Phoebe G. (SpaFinder)

“I have been seeing Kim-Marie for a long time. I can honestly say without her I would be so drug dependent I couldn’t function. I have a non curable condition that causes great pain and muscle spasms/weakness. She has taught me methods to deal with the pain and treats me with electrode-acupuncture.Please try natural methods with the healing arts…you won’t be sorry. Good People and Great Service. Thanks so much Kim-Marie YOU ROCK!”

-Rhonda C. (SpaFinder)